Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer was founded back in 1987 in New York, United States, as a money transfer institution for Latin American countries. The company is headquartered in Buena Park, California, while regional offices are in Madrid, London, Kuala Lumpur, Dakar and many others. The parent company is Euronet Worldwide, Inc., which makes Ria Money Transfer, the third largest company in the world when it comes to money transfers. In 2010, Ria will start cooperating with Post Offices around the world, and in 2014 it will start cooperating with Post Bank, which is owned by the Government of the Republic of Kenya. In the same year, Ria launched Walmart 2 Walmart Powered by Ria, within the United States, and thus provides customers with a money transfer service in over 4,600 stores, shopping malls with affordable commissions. Today, Ria Money Transfer enables money transfers to over 180 countries worldwide to over 507,000 locations. When it comes to Montenegro, money transfers via Ria Money Transfer are available in the branches of the Post of Montenegro and Lovćen bank.

Capiral Transfer Mne

Payment Institution Capital Transfer MNE represents Ria Money Transfer for the Montenegrin market. We offer the money transfer service through our authorized agents: Post of Montenegro and Lovćen bank. We received a license to work from the Central Bank of Montenegro in 2015, and officially started the money transfer service on January 4, 2016. In November 2016, we started providing a fast money transfer service through an agent of Lovćen banka, which has 14 branches throughout Montenegro. In April 2017, we started providing a fast money transfer service through the Post of Montenegro, in over 90 of their branches. Today, Capital Transfer Mne, as the legally represented Ria Money Transfer, offers a fast money transfer service to over 100 payment points in Montenegro. In order to provide good and quality service to our customers, we are constantly working to expand our network of payment as well payment locations, thus we expect further expansion of the network of partners.

It is easier to achieve more in a team

Cultural diversity and individual differences are the key to our success. We accept, respect and take into account the individual differences of all those interested in working in our company, in accordance with our key values and our brand. In the spirit of globalization, we encourage personal and cultural diversity in order to raise the quality of life and work.


We strive to offer the simplest, most reliable and most economical fast money transfer services. We strive to make hard-earned money safely sent to recipients, wherever they are in the world.