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Why Ria?

Operates successfully since 1987. Over 1 billion transfers securely sent. The second largest money transfer service in the world With every service that we provide, we work hard to provide the most positive experience possible. To learn more about Ria and our brick-and-mortar locations, please visit

Fast transfer

5 minutes or 3 business days, depending on the method you choose to send the money. It is up to you.

Low Rates

Rates are very low and adapted to the method you choose to send money.

Confidential and reliable

Ria is owned by Euronet World Wide Inc.. This gives Ria an extremely strong financial basis for very fast and reliable money transfers around the world.

We know every cent counts.

Need to send money to family and friends?

Ria Money Transfer has been a renowned financial leader specializing in international money transfers since 1987. At more than 507,000 locations in over 180 countries, Ria Money Transfer guarantees fast and reliable money transfers with very favorable rates.

Forget long lines and crowds

Ria Money Transfer also allows you to send money via the mobile application, where you can find the location of payment points, as well as the address of the branchs where you can send money. Then, you can follow the transaction, contact customer service, report the problem and stay up to date with the news. The application is also available for users of apple and android devices. A bank account sending and receiving service is also available.

Because international transfer services make receiving money easier

Recipients can quickly withdraw cash at any of our locations around the world. And in selected countries we offer the possibility of home delivery so that the recipient can receive funds from the comfort of his/her/it home or office.

Our partners - Locations

Our partners all around the world and we, share similar values, vision and a commitment !

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